Discount Codes

  • All discounts are offered via valid discount codes. Some discount codes have expirations. Some discounts do not such as the New Subscriber Discount. To know about new discounts, subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.
  • Only one Discount Code per Checkout can be used. We apologize for this inconvenience, and are currently working with Shopify to improve this.
  • Discount Codes can only be entered at the checkout. Therefore, your subtotal shown in your shopping card does not have any discounts applied yet.
  • Free Shipping discount is automatically applied at the checkout. This is the only discount that does not require a discount code. You qualify for Free Shipping if your subtotal at the checkout page is $50.00 or more.

New Subscriber Discount

By subscribing, you get to 10% off the Subtotal of one entire purchase. You can use the code only once. Use this discount anytime, including your first order. It has no expiration. Enter discount code JUNELOVE10 at checkout. 

Gift Cards and Refunds

We do not offer gift cards because we don't want you to forget that you have a fund to shop with us. Therefore, if we do need to refund you with or give you some type of funding, we will give you your own discount code that only you can use.

Forgot to enter a Discount Code?

We totally understand and apologize for the inconvenience. However, you can use that discount code again if it has not expired, anytime.