About Juniperry

Hi, and thanks for stopping by!

Here at Juniperry, we love all things skincare. We’ve collected products with purpose, effectiveness and results; We give you accessibility to skincare from favorites in the USA, simplicity from Japan, to the innovations from South Korea all in one online!

There are so many products out there and it can be overwhelming. Which is why we only curate enough for you to choose and not to overwhelm. We collect skincare for different lifestyle, skin type, environment and current skin needs. Not everyone’s skin is the same. But we all should take care of it to prevent or reduce appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne and more.

Our Curation Process

  1. Scouting

    We look for new ingredients and products that make a difference in someone’s beauty needs. We visit Seoul, Tokyo, Taipei and local US Shops to see people’s experiences and get our hands on products. We also look around the internet to read and hear about people’s opinions around the world and here in the United States.

  2. Research

    Once we find products we like to test, we research the brand/company’s origins, philosophy and goals. We do this to make sure that we can believe and trust the products before we test them out. We figure out the ingredients, usage and purpose to make sure that the products do not have many reported allergic reactions, irritation and long term bad effects. If the product has been around for a few years, we make sure that it does make a difference to many people’s skin needs and that they have not gotten sick. If a product is very new, we make sure that it has potential and avoid ingredients that can be harmful. We also make sure that these products were not created by harming and/or testing on any animal!

  3. Test

    We test the products for at least a month making them part of our routine. Our skin changes every skin renewal cycle. We make sure to test products for skin types and skin concerns they were made for to see reactions and effectiveness.

Why Us?

  1. We believe in taking care of your skin. We don't try to follow and impose beauty standards. Only that, we want you to be confident of your own natural beauty. Whatever you like: Dewy, Chok-chock, Taeng-taeng, Matte or A Healthy Glow, just take care of your skin!
  2. Many of our products help enhance your natural beauty, protect your skin, treating your skin and cleaning it.
  3. All our products are different so there are choices for many skin types and skin concerns. Not everyone has the same skin, but being able to have access and to choose effective products are a big deal for us! That's why we curate effective products from South Korea, Japan and the United States.
  4. Our products are already in-house! We do not rely on Dropshippers. We make sure that what we sell you has been inspected by us.
  5. We want you to have access to truly effective products from Asia and the West!
  6. We are available to help. So if you have questions or concerns, email us at helloe@juniperry.com
  7. Having the products in the United States means that it should not take longer than the standard amount of time to ship to any US State. No need to worry about US Custom entries.
  8. All our products come straight from the Manufacturer or their recommended partners.

There’s so much excitement within Juniperry as we go forward in promoting healthy skin! Let’s prevent wrinkles, acne and dehydration! You can shop by product types or concerns! If you trust a brand, you can shop by that too!

Should you have any questions, email us at hello@juniperry.com